The R.Mutt Society

The Logo


The logo is derived from the six drainage holes of Duchamp’s Fountain and its abstract quality ensures that R.Mutt Society will not be pigeonholed into one particular method of storytelling. It will remain relevant as the company evolves and it lends flexibility as the logo is applied across a variety of media. The typeface—with its quirks—and the gold color both add a distinctive flair the otherwise humble triangular arrange- ment of circles. 

“Gerard Unger’s new typeface Alverata is a twenty-first-cen- tury type-face inspired by the shapes of Romanesque capitals in inscriptions of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, without being a close imitation of them. It is additionally based on the early twentieth-century model, but tweaked so as to prevent blandness and monotony. Alverata performs

beautifully in both screen and on paper, delivering excellent legibility. Its letters are open and friendly in small sizes and lively and attractive in large sizes. They are robust, and show refinement in their detail.”

Paul Zdon -Artist-