The R.Mutt Society



Founded in 2013 for the production of the film Seep, R.Mutt Society is a multidisciplinary company based in New York City. Our name comes from Duchamp’s ‘Fountain.’ As the renowned scholar Martin Esslin says in his landmark work The Theatre of the Absurd: “We believe that every work of art must be a statement. It must be a statement addressed in the first person singular to the first person plural, and the latter must retain the right to dissent.”

The mission of The R.Mutt Society is to vitalize the performance and study of the work of the masters as well as discover new plays from contemporary writers.

The Society seeks to push the conventional limits of artistic expression, to expand the medium and the message, and explore new ways of engaging the audience in our investigations into the human experience. Like having Duchamp’s  “fountain” in a museum, we are deeply curious about the shifting perception of art, based on the venue, or frame, in which it is presented. Too often we feel people applaud the undeservering because they are expected to, they laugh because  they are cued to, they pretend to understand the incomprehensible because to admit confusion would be an embarrassment. In essence, we seek to discourage mechanical conformity in order to provoke genuine reflection and insight. 

Do the clothes make the man? Does the theater make the performance? Do we care more for the facade or the foundation? In 2007 renowned violinist Joshua Bell spent a morning playing for commuters in the halls of the DC metro and went mostly ignored by passersby. Can any place be turned into a theater? What makes a theater? The curtains and the stage, or the relationship between the performers and the audience?

We seek to desanctify the venue of the theater. It is not the industry that is sacred, it is not the venue that is sacred, its not even the play. It’s the experience that’s sacred and it’s the experience that we want to directly engage the audience with.

We are greatly influenced by the works of Ionesco, Beckett, Genet, Pinter, Peter Brook, David Lynch, Werner Herzog, Valle-Inclán, Monty-Python etc... and inspired by the extraordinary work of current companies such as Theater Mitu, Dzieci, Theatre for a New Audience, Siti Company…

In going back to these authors we want to make a clear statement and remind the world that these plays, with their power and depth of meaning, still resonate with our time and the eternal conditions of man in society. 



The R.Mutt Society is formed by an international group of artists (USA, Spain, Mexico, Japan, UK, Argentina, China...) We are open to the collaboration of anyone that wants to share their vision of the world. 


The R.Mutt Society is commited to a creative and economic independence. Constituted as a non-profit with the help of donations, sponsors, and grants, while remaing 100% transparent on the use of our funds. It doesn’t take millions of dollars to put up a play. Our priority must always be to create theater that’s accessible for the people. 

Social Awareness

We understand that theater must be a place where artists and audience members can create a debate around any current issues. Art should pay attention to what’s going on in the world in order to be relevant.


"La cultura, en el sentido que tradicionalmente se ha dado a este vocablo, está en nuestros días a punto de desaparecer. Y acaso haya desaparecido ya".  Mario Vargas Llosa

“A stage space has two rules: (1) Anything can happen and (2) Something must happen.”  Peter Brook